TMEC has extensive familiarity with methodologies of "six sigma", "lean manufacturing", and Product and Process Quality Control, as well as with project management and planning systems. Considerable experience also exists in the areas of ISO Standards and Product Compliance.


TMEC has experience in the market areas of consumer products, as well as commercial and industrial products. This experience ranges from engineering management to product design and testing to manufacturing engineering. Many years of experience in product and process cost reduction can also be brought to bear in all of the aforementioned areas.


TMEC is a professional engineering design firm specializing in the thermal and mechanical disciplines. Specific thermal disciplines include Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow, and Heat Transfer. Specific mechanical disciplines include Statics, Dynamics, Machine Design, and Control Systems. Some familiar applications of these disciplines include: HVAC and Refrigeration Systems, Power Generation Systems, Power Transmission Systems, Power Storage Systems, and Mechanical Structures to name a few.


TMEC will provide world-class engineering capability at hourly rates that you cannot achieve through permanent hiring or contracting. We also have a downward graduated rate system such that as your projects get larger, our rates become even lower.